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Sally-Ann Creed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Beautiful Store

Sally-Ann Creed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sally-Ann Creed

  • R 120.00

Packed in dark glass bottles for health reasons  This extra-virgin olive oil, carefully chosen from one of the best oil producers in South Africa and an award-winner in Italy – is pressed with a Paralessi press, ensuring the most nutritious first cold-pressing complete with all the nutrients and antioxidants present.

Olive oil is known to:

•    Benefit heart health

•    Prevent dry skin and dandruff

•    Provide valuable antioxidants

•    Prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol

•    Raise the healthy “good” HDL cholesterol

•    Skin moisturizing

•    Heart-healthy 

Good olive oil is always a higher price, and always worth paying for!

Great LOW CARB option.