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Ordinary Skincare Moisturising Balm at The Beautiful Store for only R 330.00

Ordinary Skincare Moisturising Balm

Ordinary Skincare

  • R 330.00

Award Winning Natural Solution

Leaves your skin silky soft and supple in minutes. Long lasting suppleness. Positive results in a day. 

Relieves any irritation or itchiness

Apply a little as it goes a long way!

Natural balm beads may form; they melt into the skin on contact.

Ultimate healthy hydration from a completely natural product

Safe for even the most sensitive skin types

Very effective for those with dry or very dry skin especially eczema and similar conditions

Brilliant facial moisturiser

Superb quality, sustainably sourced ingredients

Long lasting, and fragrance free - instant results & lasting hydration

EU Certified

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