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Oneka Scented Body Wash 500ml-The Beautiful Store | Shop Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Online

Oneka Scented Body Wash 500ml


  • R 340.00

Select your choice of Body Wash from the following:

Golden Seal and Citrus:
Energizing. Let our rejuvenating blend of citrus and ylang-ylang refresh you with while discovering the tonic and purifying effects of goldenseal, a boreal plant. You will appreciate the soothing touch of calendula and its delicate aroma on your skin.

Cedar and Sage:
Take a deep breath of the Boreal forest’s rich, earthy scent and let your skin delight in our cedar and sage shower gel. The cedar’s purifying and antibacterial qualities will energize your skin, while the sage is known to facilitate moisture balance.The burdock and nettle extracts will invigorate your skin, and hemlock is known for its stabilizing and balancing effects.

Angelica and Lavender:
Hydrating. Enjoy the soothing effect of this delicate lavender and angelica aroma blend. You will appreciate the soothing effect of calendula.