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Me&Youth Intensive Repair Ointment at The Beautiful Store for only R 500.00

Me&Youth Intensive Repair Ointment


  • R 500.00

Your ultimate go-to product for the winter months.

Lanolin (lan-il-in) is an oil derived from the shorn wool of sheep, making our ointment vegetarian, but not vegan-friendly. There are different grades of lanolin, with those on the lower end seeing their fair share of pesticides and insecticides that can irritate your skin. The lanolin we’ve chosen, medical grade lanolin, is the absolute purest available world-wide.

When you apply your skin-happy ointment, know it’s free from nasties, and trusted in hospitals to treat post-surgical wounds, and burns.

This Intensive Repair Ointment is 100g, ensuring that this multi-tasker will last up to two winters.

The different way you can use it
It is excellent at treating chapped lips, dry cuticles, cracked heels, dry elbows, nursing nipples (it’s 1000% baby safe), shaver’s rash, and eczema. It’s also brilliant with superficial burns, and will prevent scarring when applied immediately and then frequently thereafter.

Add glow to your cheeks with a dab of this good stuff for a healthy, dewy look before you apply foundation.

Get on-trend with sleek, glossy lids when you thinly coat your gorgeous peepers with ointment, then add some metallic liquid liner for an extra bit of sophistication.

Not a fan of unruly brows? Gently lather on a bead of ointment and get those puppies moisturised and manageable.

We’re also big on using our lanolin as a night balm to hydrate the thin-skinned areas around the eyes and the neck. It’s never too early to think anti-aging.

What’s inside? This ultra rich, all-over ointment is made up of only one ingredient –medical grade lanolin.

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