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L'abeille Complete Body Therapy Kit-The Beautiful Store | Shop Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Online

L'abeille Complete Body Therapy Kit


  • R 1,450.00

A once a week luxury treatment. Run yourself a relaxing bath infused with the Luxurious Bath Oil. After soaking for approx. 5 min, gently exfoliate damp skin with the Fossil Peeling Body Bar. Pat skin dry after your bath & apply your Conditioning Body Oil to a slightly damp skin. Use your Jade Body Roller to massage over your problem areas, to increase circulation & provide full absorption of the Conditioning Body Oil.

The last 2 steps can be done daily on problem areas for best results. Always place your Fossil Peeling Body Bar somewhere that it can dry out completely between uses, and it will last up to 10 times.

Our Bath Oil is a rich & luxurious blend of African oils & butters and the colder weather can sometimes make it much thicker & difficult to pour.
No need to stress! Just place the sealed bottle in a sunny area or warm water, shake it up and it will liquefy again. Pour and relax in your luxuriously infused bath!