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ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport 50+ - 100ml

ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport 50+ - 100ml


  • R 355.00

Fusion Technology for your best performance

The ideal sunscreen for practicing sports outdoors

Perfect for men, areas with body hair and the scalp


Our new Fusion Gel gives you an immediate feeling of freshness that restores the natural corporal temperature during trainings (“cooling down effect”).

Plus, it offers a formulation that adapts to your skin (it is ultra light and lets your skin breathe) and is Wet Skin, so you can apply it even if your skin is wet.

Its texture makes it easy to apply and gets absorbed instantly. With a practical and portable packaging.

Non sensitizing. Oil-free. Dermatologically tested. Biodegradable.


1- Mark the line

2- Spread it for 3 seconds

3- Enjoy the invisible and fresh protection that melts into your skin

Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or rubbing with a towel.