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INOAR Help Treatment Ampoule


  • R 190.00

Detox Shampoo
Ultra-Repair Mask
Extra repair vial – Daymoist CLR ampoule

The Inoar Help line is the help that everyone needs to regain the beauty of their hair. With the detox shampoo, mask, and Ampoule, the line was created to recover hair and do the treatment your hair needs (because let’s agree, it’s not the same every day, and help is always welcome!).

Hair Type: dry, lifeless, brittle, and matte hair

Results: recovered and shinning hair

How to use:
1. Wash with detox shampoo
2. Pour a cap of Help repair vial in to amount of mask needed to cover hair
3. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse (when adding repair vial) – 5-10 minutes if you only use mask
4. Style as usual