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Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Mask-The Beautiful Store | Shop Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Online

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Mask

Dr. Hauschka

  • R 210.00

Moisturizing Mask offers your skin a sense of safety and security. Moisturizing Mask imparts moisture-retaining qualities to dry, sensitive and mature skin. The blend of botanicals soothes, protects and revitalizes while sealing in moisture, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. Applying this mask offers rich protection for your skin.

Formulation: Quince seed extract replenishes and helps dry skin to retain moisture. Nourishing almond, avocado and jojoba oils hydrate the outer layer of skin while rose wax and organic shea butter soothe and protect.

Skin condition: for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

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