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comfort zone Tranquility Body Lotion

comfort zone

  • R 610.00

Aromatic Moisturising Body Lotion.

An aromatic, silky body emulsion with a light, hydrating texture that leaves the skin velvety and silky.

Particularly suited to those who love products that absorb quickly and for hot, humid climates. Thanks to its reassuring aromatic notes, alleviates the states of stress and tension and rebalances body and mind.

For those who love light, hydrating lotions which absorb quickly. Suited to hot and humid climates, ideal at the end of the day to calm and alleviate stress.

Silky, hydrated and compact skin. 
Express absorption texture, not greacy.
Cosmetically supports the skin defences.
ANTI-STRESS sensation, alleviates the state of tension and induces relaxation and rest.

How to apply:
Every day, after a bath or shower. Apply to the entire body and massage until completely absorbed