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Caribbean Tan

Caribbean Tan - Tan In a Can - Instant

Caribbean Tan

  • R 100.00

A fine tanning spray with instant colour. Delivers a deep, even, seamless tan. Gives an immediate bronze that develops over 8 hours. (10 minutes to dry)

Comes in 3 shades:
A - Fair, burns easily
B - Medium, burns sometimes
C – Dark, burns rarely

How to apply: Shake well. Spritz product onto skin from your legs up toward the thigh and buttock, using the mitt to smooth onto the skin in a circular motion. Apply excess product onto feet. Apply to your stomach and back, up to chest, shoulders and jawline. Apply evenly to arms and apply excess product from mitt onto hands. Wash palms with soap and water. Allow 8 hours for your tan to develop before showering or bathing.

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