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Boxall & Carmichael SLEEP 950mg Power Serving - 60 Veggie Capsules

Boxall & Carmichael SLEEP 950mg Power Serving - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dr Boxall

  • R 340.00

Boxall & Carmichael SLEEP contains natural ingredients promoting sleep by boosting the body’s formation of Melatonin, combating stress, anxiety and insomnia.

This combination has specially formulated in association with current research on natural treatment of insomnia and after feedback from our own patients.We can now take supplements on a regular basis that are good for us and help us sleep. Boxall & Carmichael have combined what they believe will be the best supplements to help you sleep deeply every night.

  • Insomnia
  • Non Addictive
  • Very Effective
  • No Melatonin Added
  • Promotes Uninterrupted Sleep
  • Combats Over Active Mind
  • Combats Stress & Anxiety
  • Wake Up Feeling Non-Drowsy
From medical trials and years of their own clinical experience they have combined what they believe will be the best supplements to help you sleep deeply every night.
Insomnia is generally caused by two factors:
1. An overactive brain, preventing you falling asleep or waking you up with worrying thoughts throughout the night.
2. An inability to move into a deep sleep, usually caused by an deficiency in melatonin.
SLEEP has four natural supplements to distress the mind allowing one to settle into a relaxed sleep.

Niacin Slow Release —350 mg/serving works by increasing permeability across the blood brain barrier, allowing the other supplements to take effect.

Passiflora Incarnata Flower 4:1 Extract —250 mg/serving has been proven in studies to decrease stress and improve quality of sleep in humans.

L-Theanine — 150 mg/serving is an amino acid that has been shown in studies to calm a busy mind and thus promotes sleep without causing drowsiness. In this particular form it easily crosses the blood brain barrier and has a relaxing effect on the brain. This supplement has been shown to stimulate alpha brain waves creating a focused relaxation often sought after in meditation.

Magnesium Glycinate — 100 mg/serving is an important mineral that has a relaxing effect in nerve endings found in the muscle and brain. It has been extensively used as an aid in sleep, to reduce brain irritability in a stressed brain.

Griffonia Simplifica Extract (5HTP) — 100 mg/serving Once digested the body metabolizes this ingredient to make 5HTP which forms serotonin and then melatonin. As we age we run out of melatonin resulting in a broken sleep. 5HTP restored this pathway without the heaviness of taking melatonin supplements.
In low doses acts as an adaptogen to improve energy without causing burnout. It stimulates healthy glutathione in the brain,liver and kidneys, causing an improved functioning of these organs.

Chemistry & Pharmacological Research

How to use: Take 2 capsules, 1 hour before bed

Consult your medical practitioner before taking this product, especially if you have any serious ailments or you are nursing or pregnant. This product is a food supplement and does not claim to cure a disease. Stop taking if any side effects occur or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Get your health practitioners advice if you have liver damage, gout, diabetes, are on tricyclic anti-depressants, SSRI anti-depressants. Keep out of reach of children.
Free from animal products, yeast, sugar or sodium. GMO FREE. Vegan and animal friendly