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Boxall & Carmichael REBOOT 800mg Power Serving - 60 Veggie Capsules

Boxall & Carmichael REBOOT 800mg Power Serving - 60 Veggie Capsules

Dr Boxall

  • R 340.00

800mg Power Serving

  • Adrenal Tonic
  • Combat Fatigue
  • Prevent Burnout
  • Promote Wakefulness
  • Boost Sustainable Energy
  • Boost Concentration
  • Increases Stamina
  • Boosts Cognitive Function

Adrenal Fatigue, also known as adrenal apathy, is said to affect millions of people around the globe. Most people will experience an episode of adrenal fatigue at least once in their lifetime – mainly due to an illness, a personal crisis, or a difficult economical or financial situation. Boxall & Carmichael REBOOT has been formulated as an adrenal burnout support formula and aids in restoring and improving optimal functioning of the adrenal glands. Boxall & Carmichael’s Reboot contains a proprietary blend of Chinese herbal supplements that have been extensively used to treat fatigue and adrenal burnout. Reboot contains four natural supplements which treats adrenal fatigue. Energy in the day is essential to health. If we are tired then we resort to coffee and sugar to find temporary unhealthy energy. This cycle results in worsening health. The hormones from the adrenal gland are vital for daily energy and health. Reboot has been designed to supplement your adrenal gland, giving you the natural energy and strong immune system that you require for healthy living.

Essentially the ingredients in this premium product assist with adrenal burnout or low energy levels and fatigue, diminishing the effects of stress of the body and the brain.

Panex Ginseng 5: 1 Extract—225 mg/serving
In low doses acts as an adaptogen to improve energy without causing burnout. It stimulates healthy glutathione in the brain,liver and kidneys, resulting in an improved functioning of these organs.

Cordyceps Sinensis 7% Mycelium Extract—400mg/serving has been shown in studies to decrease fatigue by improving oxygen absorption, balancing the immune system and improving cellular energy production.

Rhodiola Rosea Root 3% Extract—100mg/serving balances the stimulating effect of ginseng by creating a relaxed state. It has been shown to improve mood, attention span and lessenfatigue.

Ca D Pantothenate (VitB5)— 50mg/serving & Pyridoxine HCL (VitB6)—25mg/serving are essential in preventing fatigue and work together in nerves, liver and hormones to improve health.
Chemistry & Pharmacological Research

How to use: Take 2 veg capsules after breakfast.

Consult your medical practitioner before taking this product, especially if you have any serious ailments or you are nursing or pregnant. This product is a food supplement and does not claim to cure a disease. Stop taking if any side effects occur or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Get your health practitioners advice if you have high blood pressure, are prone to seizures, have a bleeding disorder or have liver disease. Keep out of reach of children.

Free from animal products, yeast, sugar or sodium. GMO FREE. Vegan and animal friendly.