How safe is it to order on your site?
It is absolutely safe. Once you click through to do your payment, you are taken off our site and into a secure area that allows you to pay with confidence. The Beautiful Store has no access at all to any of your financial information.

What are your delivery times?
We like to deliver our beautiful products as soon as possible so aim to do this within 72 hours. However, due to stock fluctuations, delivery can take up to 7 business days on the rare occasion.

In addition, sometimes suppliers are out of stock as demand fluctuates in which case we will immediately notify customers and confirm an estimated delivery time.

Do I need to pay delivery on all my orders?
We currently offer free delivery on all orders above R400 within South Africa. For orders less than R400 we charge R60.

What type of packaging do you use?
We believe in recycling so do not use specific packaging made by The Beautiful Store. In addition, we need to consider that our parcels generally contain products that are breakable and therefore our packaging is practical and sufficient to survive the courier and being in transit. However, we are currently implementing biodegradable packaging products and hope to be 100% eco-friendly by end March 2020.

Are all your products natural?
Most of our product ranges are natural but not all of them. This means we have something for everyone and all skin types and preferences.

Are all your products from local brands?
No, we have a mixture of local (which we, of course, love to support) and international brands again with our customers in mind, i.e. we have something for everyone and all skin types and preferences.

Are you able to assist with advice on what products would work for me?
Yes, most definitely. We have a ‘live chat’ option on our store which allows instant messaging and/or you are welcome to email us at any time and we will happily respond. Our email address is info@thebeautifulstore.com

If we register for news, how often do you contact us?
We do not inundate our subscribers with too much news as we understand how annoying it can be. However, whenever there is something that we feel you would benefit from, of course we will share it.

Still have a question? Please check if we are online for an instant response or email us: info@thebeautifulstore.com and we will get back to you shortly!