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Sunumbra P SPF 30+ - Classic - Tinted Sunscreen-The Beautiful Store | Shop Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Online

Sunumbra P SPF 30+ - Classic - Tinted Sunscreen


  • R 295.00

Natural sunscreen
Organic ingredients
SPF 30+ (UVB)
5 ***** UVA rating (highest level)
Free of Parabens
100% Free of harmful Chemicals
A tinted sunscreen using natural botanicals containing pigments
Not tested on Animals
No Animal derivatives
Water resistant
Developed, Formulated and manufactured in South Africa

Tip:  As this is a tinted sunscreen, any clothing stains that may result from the natural oils can be removed  by simply applying dish washing liquid directly to the stain (because regular laundry detergent does not contain oil-removing properties), then launder as normal.