NutriFlex™ Fortified Collagen



NutriFlex™ Collagen is a new generation of anti-ageing protein supplements — 100% natural, safe and effective, active ingredients with no side effects for an active, happier and healthier life.


Fortified Collagen Supplements for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues, joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. In fact, 30% of the total protein in your pets body is collagen. Collagen protein determines the health and vitality of your pets muscles, bones, gut nails, teeth, skin and coat. As animals age, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes and the visible and degenerative signs of ageing start to appear — making them more susceptible to injury, joint pain, mobility issues, poor digestion and skin allergies.

The depletion of healthy collagen in your pet's body is a natural part of the ageing process, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. Lost collagen can easily be replaced through dietary supplementation — the earlier you begin adding NutriFlex™ Collagen to your pet’s diet, the more likely you are to offset the degenerative effects of ageing for a more active, happier and healthier life  — "hello happiness"

Promotes joint support, strong bones and muscle strength

Collagen makes up 70% to 90% of your pet’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so the integrity of their joints is absolutely dependent upon its presence. As muscles and connective tissues loosen and become more brittle with age, dogs become much more susceptible to injuries: torn cruciate ligaments; patellar subluxations; elbow and hip-dysplasia. Supplementing with a daily scoop of  NutriFlex™ Collagen can help promote joint health, improve muscle strength and prevent injury.

Eases pain and discomfort

Age-related joint and soft tissue pain is something that most dogs will experience to some extent as they navigate their senior years. Collagen depletion plays a major role in arthritis, degenerative disc disease and tendonitis, three of the most common causes of chronic pain and discomfort in senior dogs. NutriFlex™ helps regenerate cartilage, replenish synovial fluid and build lean muscle mass.

Aids digestion and improves gut health

NutriFlex™ Collagen helps to detoxify the liver and aids digestion by breaking down proteins and soothing your pets gut. High in glycine, (amino-acid) it “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract by helping to form connective tissue and infusing the whole system with healing amino-acids. NutriFlex™ with added MSM has amazing anti-parasitic properties and offers protection against giardia, roundworms and other intestinal worms.

Improves mobility

Fortified with joint-specific type II collagen, our advanced mobility and joint-support complex for senior pets helps improve bone strength, promote healthy joints, rejuvenate and repair lean muscle and aid recovery following injury or surgery. NutriFlex™ enhances vitality, mobility and agility by helping to ease discomfort from pain, stiffness and promote recovery following exercise, injury or surgery.

Promotes skin health and coat vitality

Collagen is important and influential when it comes to your pet's appearance. 70% of the protein in your dog’s skin is collagen. Collagen promotes skin hydration and health, helping to prevent skin allergies and support coat vitality (softness and shine).

Nutrient-dense and convenient

NutriFlex™ fortified collagen protein powders are a great way to introduce more essential nutrients into your pet's diet — a daily scoop of happiness dogs and cats just love — simply sprinkle or mix with food for a more active, happier and healthier life.