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Lamarie Sensi-Tone Facial Toner (120 ml)-The Beautiful Store | Shop Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare Online

Lamarie Sensi-Tone Facial Toner (120 ml)


  • R 240.00

Sensi-Toner is suited for individuals with dry and sensitive skin. This formula combines bioactive ingredients such as Blue copper peptides with extracts of Hazel and Horse Chestnut to help improve the skin’s appearance and leave the skin feeling luxuriously smooth. Use this toner to freshen the skin and maintain a naturally radiant complexion.

The Sensi-Tone is the second phase of clearing your skin of pollutants before moisturizing. It repairs and revitalizes the skin’s appearance whilst relieving acne production. Wash off with warm water and leave your face to cool off before applying the serum.

It Features:
• Blue Copper Peptides and Witch Hazel Extract
• Non-toxic, non-allergic, colorless and odorless agent
• Suitable for sensitive Skin