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L'abeille Natural White Jade Body Roller

L'abeille Natural White Jade Body Roller


  • R 400.00
  • Save R 75

Using your L’abeille Jade Body Roller after applying your Conditioning Body Oil helps to increase absorption of your product, so it can perform better & provide optimal results. Even better enhanced by using your roller after a full body exfoliation & Conditioning Body Oil application. Always concentrate to roll more over the problem areas, to increase micro-circulation, and assist in breaking down cellulite & fat. The needle like texture on the roller allows it to reach deeper, stimulating elastin & collagen production, breaking up cellulite & helping to erase those unwanted dimples. Perform your Body Therapy treatment as often as required until desired result is achieved. FOSSIL PEELING BODY BAR EXFOLIATION + CONDITIONING BODY OIL ON PROBLEM AREAS + JADE BODY ROLLER.
Your body roller can also be used on tense & tired muscles, to ease them to relax. It can also be used to give a pampering hand or foot massage.


  1. Use after application of your L’abeille Conditioning Body Oil, focussing on problem areas. Better absorption is possible after exfoliation with your Fossil Peeling Body Bar.
  2. Apply gentle pressure to promote increased circulation
  3. Apply more pressure on your upward rolling to increase lymph drainage
  4. Roll for a minimum of 5 minutes per problem area.

Wipe your roller gently with a soft, damp cloth and dry with an absorbent cloth. Place it on a towel or cloth to dry completely before packing away.
Never use hot water to clean your roller or soak it in water. Do not expose your roller to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, as it will erode the finish & polish.