All ingredients used in the L’abeille Range are carefully selected for their function, high quality & effect they have on our skin. High Performance Ingredients are used at the correct & most effective %, as used in their in-vitro & in-vivo testing, & are scientifically proven in their claims. No fillers are necessary in our products, & every ingredient has a purpose in the formulation to keep the product balanced, safe & results driven.

Our formulas are a scientific combination of very carefully selected & fully researched High Performance raw materials, African Oils, Botanical Extracts & Essential Oils. Every ingredient is also Ecocert/Natural compliant & never tested on animals. The L’abeille range is fully endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty.

All our raw materials are sourced from sustainable sources that carry the least impact on our environment. Any preservatives used in L’abeille are thoroughly investigated so that we are sure to offer you a product with the least chance of sensitivity, but still without putting our customer at risk of using a compromised product. We are very proud by the ethics we carry through all of our decisions relating to the choices & manufacturing of the L’abeille Skincare Range.