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Aromadough EASTER Collection


  • R 80.00

Health in your hands... Aromadough is a silky soft health ball infused with a combination of ingredients including cocoa butter and coconut oil as well as a carefully chosen blend of aromatherapy oils. The essential oils are absorbed through topical application as well as molecular inhalation. The molecules from the essential oils reach into the central nervous system and sooth and restore missing elements from your body.

Buy these gorgeous Aromadough especially designed for Easter!

600 minutes of play for each Aromadough - use it for 10-15 minutes a day = 2-3 months

Happy - Bunny - Cinnamon & Sweet Orange - NEW FORMULATION!
Happy - Easter Egg - Watermelon & Peppermint - NEW FORMULATION!
Sleep - Bunny - Sweet Orange & Lavender
Calm - Flowers - Neroli, Lemon and Lavender
Calm - Easter Egg - Neroli, Lemon and Lavender
Joy - Easter Egg - Cinnamon & Sweet Orange - NEW FORMULATION!
Destress - Easter Egg - Cedarwood, Vanilla Lavender
3 pack = Calm - Flowers, Sleep - Bunny, Happy - Bunny
3 pack =  Eggs - Happy, Destress, Calm