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Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive

Dr. Hauschka

  • R 655.00

10 x 5ml

Formulation: Extracts of eyebright, anthyllis, chamomile and camellia calm, while fennel extract soothes skin and visibly diminishes puffiness. Eye Revive pleasantly pampers overstrained or tired eyes. The calming effect has also proved successful for combating a tendency towards bags, itching and tired eyes.

Skin condition: for all skin types

Usage: divide one cosmetic pad in half to make two circular pads. Twist the top from one ampoule and split contents equally between both pads.  Place over closed eyelids and allow the preparation to work for ten minutes.

Tips: Dr.Hauschka Eye Revive is especially suitable for people who wear glasses and contact lenses, for hay-fever sufferers and for all computer users.

Use Eye Revive when giving yourself a Dr.Hauschka mask treatment.