Dr. Boxall

No pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilisers are used during the growing process.
100% natural health care products from organically cultivated plants
South African brand - Cape Nature certified

Central to the Dr. Boxall’s philosophy is the conservation of flora bio-diversity, sustainability and the cultivation of the highest quality organically grown medicinal plants containing the highest active concentration and potency. It is this philosophy that prompted the establishment of our own 260 000m2 growing installation in heart of the bio-diverse Klein Karoo, Southern Africa – home to a myriad of well documented potent and effective medicinal plants.

Our growing installation has a strict organic policy and no pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any stage in our growing process. Dr. Boxall’s responsible and ethical consideration to the health of humans, animals and plants far outweighs the “convenience” of using these poisons that effectively poison our livers, animals, water supplies and environment.