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This week's lovelies

I wanted to do a blog on my favourites this week but never like to use the word "favourites" when describing our products because I pretty much love every range we sell so it's tricky to choose any above the other. Instead, I am going to say my picks of this week - there are a few but I'm going to limit it to 4 brands (with difficulty!).

I have to start off with Skin Creamery - I am always on the lookout for amazing brands and when I kept seeing them being mentioned, had to add them to the store. And then, of course, I had to test them out...which is a really tough part of my job here! My opinion after using them is this: Skin Creamery is a must for your face and body! What a gorgeous range. I love every product but have to say, in particular, their Hydrating Oil delights me every time I use it. I can’t wait to put it on!

I am not sure why but this winter I have really been struggling with dry skin. It is dry at the best of times but this is worse. Two products that I have used this week and am so grateful for are Caribbean Tan’s Skin Smoothing Exfoliator – it is divine and definitely has helped my body with fighting dryness. Then, and I have mentioned this before, Naturals Beauty’s Avocado Treatment is heaven too. I have put it on my face for the day when I haven’t had to go out or even for a couple of hours and it definitely helps! At R75 it is also a reasonable price given that a little goes a long way.

Stila has fast become my favourite makeup and I see now why everyone loves it! Their Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (R285) really does stay (don’t you love brands that do what they promise) and while I chose the wrong colour for me, I will definitely be keeping my lips pretty with their gorgeous range from now on.

Before I end off I have to thank all our beautiful customers not only for your support but for being so interactive and sharing about us. We truly can’t thank you enough. We are also so proud to appear on blogs and appreciate that someone has taken the time and effort to write about us. Read these phenomenal posts (see more on our What they said page):

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Don’t forget we’re offering 10% off on all order plus FREE delivery! Oh and our Tara & Jack mask special continues – buy any amount and we’ll send you double!

So many reasons to shop!

Lastly, look out for our Kindness Competition starting on 1 September. We can’t wait for it! Not only can you win some incredible products but you’re going to be doing it with kindness. We can’t wait to share.

‘Til next time, Beautiful!

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  • Thanks so much for all the helpful info and inspiring products. I’m so happy to see so many locally produced and natural products available – just struggling to decide what to get first!

    Tashia on
  • What an incredible beauty and shopping experience! I love the Skin Creamery range and the Le Masque by Tara and Jack is a fabulous range of face masks. Spa quality products but at an affordable price and free delivery. I will be back soon!

    Madison on
  • These posts are very helpful and I enjoy reading your comments on the products. I want to buy them all. I have used your masks and will be buying again – your service is the best I’ve found.

    Chantal on
  • Love all these products – this store is dangerous haha. Didn’t know you stocked Stila too – a win!

    Tania on
  • I’ve just received my Skin Creamery order and these products are incredible – and locally produced! Service was incredible – thank you so much. I will be re-ordering!

    Tamsyn on

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