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Thank you and some changes

Hello Beauty Stars!

We hope you had a wonderful festive season and are ready to take on 2018! We are very excited about the year ahead and I have spent this quieter time planning and scheming to ensure we are able to continue to offer excellent brands and exceptional service. And making sure that we have some exciting developments happening throughout the year.

Before I carry on though, please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have experienced a delay in your orders over the festive season due to our suppliers being closed. Every single person responded with kindness and understanding and we are very grateful. It is our first Christmas since our official launch in April last year (yes, there will be an anniversary sale!) and we underestimated our stock - lesson learned for the end of this year. But before then, we (thankfully) have a while to go!

One change I am very sad about is our need to add a delivery fee to orders under R200. I have prided myself on offering FREE delivery but for a variety of reasons, this is not feasable for us to sustain. I won't get into all the detail here of why (you are welcome to contact me if you would like to know more) but going forward all orders R200 and below will attract an R80 delivery charge.

So many of you feel like friends rather than customers and I really don't know how to thank you enough for your ongoing support and interest. It has meant the world! Wherever I can I will always ensure that I pass on any fabulous deals or discounts because I understand too about budgets (horrible word!) - it is not always easy given that we mostly sell brands we do not own but where we can, we will! And it is another reason why we so often discount our Tara & Jack masks - not because we overpriced them originally but because it is our very own brand and we are sometimes able to take the knock. We also believe so firmly in their results that we want everyone to have access to them!

We hope too that this year we will be able to grow our own product lines and offer you more of our own fabulous products and, when possible, fabulous deals!

Lastly, we are always here if you need any advice or have a query. Our determination to make online shopping personal means we usually always respond quickly and don't believe in normal office hours. We are here....and so thankful that you are too.

Have an extremely blessed 2018!

'Til next time, Beautiful!


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  • My new favourite store! Thanx for going to so much trouble to deliver my Christmas gifts and for always communicating. It makes a big difference. Luv your brands and look forward to seeing how you expand this year.

    Tracey on
  • All the best for a wonderful 2018! Keep up the gorgeous products and fabulous service! x

    Chloe on
  • I love the Tara & Jack masks! And this is such a fantastic site with exceptional service. Of course small orders bring with them a delivery fee – otherwise your business wouldn’t be sustainable!

    Lee on
  • Best service I’ve experienced. Thanks for the advice and updates too. Outstanding.

    Yasmina on
  • What a wonderful store and service excellence! I love this store and its totally understandable that small orders attract a delivery fee. Will definitely be back xoxo

    Olivia on

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