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Our Beauty News — sun

Expensive doesn't always mean the best, right?

Yesterday I overheard someone talking about a creme and saying 'just because it's pricey doesn't mean it's better'. I agree wholeheartedly. There are some incredible inexpensive skincare ranges that we sell that I know really work. But I have to say, there are pricier ones that do too. For me (and it's just my opinion, beautiful people!), it is 'what works for your skin and your budget'. Which product really and truly helps your skin? And makes you feel beautiful? That is the product for you. But this is something that regularly comes up in conversation and I thought I'd share my...

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Are you tan ready?

As summer hits us here in SA, we all want a little colour but as someone who battles with skin cancer, I just won't let myself tan in the harsh African sun anymore. I am also somewhat of a lazy beauty product applier so most of the time I live with my lily white skin because putting on stinky fake tan is not always fun especially when you have to wait 8 hours and so on. And it's a mission to maintain. Enter VANI-T's Mousse....I have never (can I shout and say NEVER!) used such an easy, beautiful sunless tanning product....

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Why I am allowed to nag

With summer coming, I feel the need to nag a little (sorry!). Some of you know that I suffer from skin cancer - it is an ongoing battle that I am very on top of so nothing to be overly concerned about but I can tell you, it is an awful burden that hangs over you all the time.I found a melanoma in my thigh about 8 years ago (or should I say my doctor found it and I, of course, argued that there was nothing wrong with it) and since then have had numerous treatments, checks (I go at...

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