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Are you tan ready?

As summer hits us here in SA, we all want a little colour but as someone who battles with skin cancer, I just won't let myself tan in the harsh African sun anymore. I am also somewhat of a lazy beauty product applier so most of the time I live with my lily white skin because putting on stinky fake tan is not always fun especially when you have to wait 8 hours and so on. And it's a mission to maintain. Enter VANI-T's Mousse....I have never (can I shout and say NEVER!) used such an easy, beautiful sunless tanning product. I know Vogue got in first to name it their best mousse and my voice can't compete (even with Kylie Minogue who says it's a favourite), but I can't recommend this product highly enough.

Because I was short on time (and yes, again, lazy to apply), I thought I would just test a bit and see what this Mousse was like. The beautiful packaging was a good enough start but when I pumped some of the Mousse onto the Mitt (a perfect must-have - no messy hands at all) and then lightly rubbed it onto my thigh I was amazed at how wonderful it is - lightweight (obviously being a mousse) with no heavy, creamy rubbing in necessary, zero smell (I mean nada!) and an instant light colour so you can see what you are doing! Unbelievably good.

While the Mousse is, of course, adding colour, it is also hydrating your skin. The potent anti-ageing and skin firming properties of Quandong, Australian Kakadu Plum Extract (Vitamin C) and Vitamins A & E mean you are one step closer to younger, healthier looking skin, with each application. So on top of your new tan, you're also helping your skin!

And then to what is almost the best part, it takes only an hour to turn into a lovely colour. 1 hour! If you want to be darker, you simply leave it on for 2 or 3 hours. But you can get dressed immediately (again, no creamy texture) and get on with your day.

It is AMAZING! Another issue I have (with my skin the list is endless) is that I have freckles. Often, in fact almost always, when I use fake tan my freckles or dark spots (argh) appear even more obvious as the fake tan really highlights them - not something you want, believe me. But with VANI-T's Mousse, it didn't happen. I really can't say enough good things about it.

This product is not cheap BUT should last a long while given it's a mousse and also, quite frankly, it is worth every cent. This is really a case of "you get what you pay for" - and what you're paying for is an easy to apply, beautiful, safe, tan to get you through the summer months.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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  • Ooh I can’t wait to try this. I battle with my pale skin especially to find something that looks natural. Thanks for telling us about it, I hadn’t heard of this product before.

    Sarah on

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