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Sensitive Eyes

If like me you have very sensitive eyes, you will know how easy it is to be affected by certain products, even natural ones. I am also a contact lens wearer so it is always important that I use products that really do no harm and/or that don't affect my eyes in any way.

As with all skincare, cleanliness plays a crucial role and while I always use actual face cleanses, over and above I use Beauty Wipes on my eyes to make extra sure they're spotless. However, now I have discovered the Chrissanthie range which has changed everything for me! The newest product in their range is their eye cleanse™ FOAM Eyelid Cleanser with Tea Tree which is an effective, lovely foam cleanser. It contains anti-bacterial Tea Tree (which I love!) and completely sanitises your eyelids & eyelashes. You can also use it on the rest of your face.

Their eye cleanse™ Eyelid Cleanser Lid Wipes, which I must say I find the easiest to use, are amazing and come in individual packs of 30 pre-moistened lid wipes - perfect for travelling or keeping in your bag should you need them. As one of my customers said, "this is the cleanest my eyes have ever felt and I can't use anything else now".

The rest of their range includes an Eye Serum, Cream Cleanser and fantastic Eye Cream which really does the trick! All of these products are created by an Opthalmologist and definitely deliver on all they promise.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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