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REVIEW - Xtreme Lashes Length & Volume Mascara

I have been testing Xtreme Lashes' Length & Volume Mascara over the last couple of days. We have been getting good reviews about it but as I have very sensitive eyes, I wanted to test it myself. Xtreme Lashes is an Award-winning US brand and we're thrilled to have them on our store so making sure they live up to our high expectations is important.

Firstly, I really like how gentle the product is on my lashes (it has a conditioning Vitamin B5 formula which makes it gentle). No drying them out but instead the mascara glides on nicely and you can make it as dramatic as you want, simply by adding extra layers. Yesterday I used a little more than normal and had a couple of compliments on my eyes (it was the only make up I wore) so clearly it did it's job aesthetically! It also did not affect my sensitive eyes in any way which I'm thrilled about.

Removing it is very easy. I tested it with a face wipe and cream cleanser and both worked well. Having said that, I wanted to see what would happen if I did a trail run with it applied as I wondered if it would run after a little perspiration seeing as it came off so well with cleanser. But I can confirm that after a gruelling session up the mountain, my eyes still looked perfect with not a smudge in sight (and believe me, there was a lot of...well, let's not be polite and say perspiration, sweat!).

We currently do not sell any waterproof mascara which I queried with a few of my suppliers who all said that with eyelash extensions becoming so popular, waterproof mascara has lost it's appeal as it shouldn't be worn with extensions. This mascara, however, works as well in everyday life with not a smudge or smear in sight. It is also perfect for those with eyelash extensions.

I will definitely keep on using it!

Great news...it was selling for R510 but we are now offering it for R410!

'Til next time, Beautiful!


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