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Our very own Tara & Jack

We thought we'd share a little about where our Tara & Jack brand comes from and why we love it.

It has been my dream for quite some time to launch products that are my very own, that come about because I help to create them (not literally but with input) and, as those who know know me know I'm French crazy, that involve France in some way. South Africa will always have my heart but France is definitely a strong contender. I love it so much that I actually feel homesick for it at times. Paris, oh Paris. But I digress.

A few years ago I was contacted by a French pharmaceutical company who were interested in expanding into South Africa. Long story short, the timing was off for me but it remained a dream and as soon as I was ready to create my own line, I contacted them again. Not having a trust fund (a serious detriment when owning a business) I quickly realised that I would need to start small and create products that were out of the norm and also skincare accessories as opposed to an actual skincare line. And so I chose to start off (yes, Tara & Jack will expand) with face masks. But, I didn't want just ordinary face masks. I wanted masks with a difference. That really, truly made your skin feel sublime and that weren't just your ordinary, regular masks. I wanted to not only put some beauty into your mask process, but some fun too. And I wanted options for ALL skin types. 

Also, we can't always afford to visit a spa every month or we are way too busy and so I wanted products that were professional-level that could be used once or twice a month in the comfort of everyone's own home. And voila, Tara & Jack's Le Masque range was born.

We currently offer 7 masks in our range - some are called Shaker masks and are such fun (apart from also leaving your skin feeling gorgeous!) as you literally use the sachet of powder, add water, shake it up for a second or two and there you have it, your mask is ready. They are also very different to use at first because they need to be applied very thickly in order for the product to 'set' before removing it by peeling it off. Our Gold Radiance and Glamour Shaker mask has gold flecks in it that, as the name says, is very glamorous! Perfect before a special event.

Our Purifying with Tea Tree Oil and Sensitive Skin masks are perfect for those fighting breakouts, acne, sensitivity or just needing an extra bit of help without having a negative reaction. Our Soothing Eye Contour mask is just that, very soothing while it also rejuvenates the delicate skin around eyes.

We have a gorgeous Apple Stem Cell gel mask that can be applied and left on for as long you want. It fights pigmentation and ageing and really rejuvenates skin. My skin can't get enough of it. And then we have our Moisturizing BioCellulose mask which is a serious injection of hydration with a serum that is ridiculously good!

Our Anti-Wrinkle mask is a firm favourite for obvious reasons - who wants wrinkles? It illuminates skin and fights free radicals that cause fine lines, wrinkles, spots and pigmentation. Skin is left feeling firmer while looking healthier.

All in all, our starter range offers an option for all skin types and really help skin to feel beautiful. We hope you will try them and better yet, love them as much as we do!

'Til next time, Beautiful!

*Our special ends on Monday night - buy any amount of Tara & Jack masks and get the same amount for FREE! And,of course, you know by now that we also deliver for FREE so, all in all, it's a pretty beautiful deal.

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  • I love the Apple because I can leave it on all evening as it’s a gel. But all of the ones I’ve tried are amazing and my skin feels incredible afterwards. I will definitely use 1 a month from now on or more if I can.

    Clare on
  • I love these masks!! Hadn’t heard of them until the special and wow, my skin feels so fantastic after using them. Am sorry I didn’t buy more in the special! I am not sure which is my favourite but will definitely buy more Biocellulose, Anti-Wrinkle and the Gold one.

    Chantal on
  • The Biocellulose is my favourite – the difference in my skin is magic. Looking forward to the rest of the Tara and Jack ranges.

    Tania on

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