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Our latest brand addition!

We are very excited to have added the exquisite brand L'abeille (pronounced La-Bay, meaning ‘The Bee’ in French) to our store. Besides the fact that I love anything French related, I also have a great love and admiration for brands that
are not only exceptional but where the founder does everything so beautifully and in keeping with their core values. L'abeille is no exception.

All ingredients used in the L’abeille Range are carefully selected for the function, high quality and effect they have on our skin. High Performance Ingredients, African Oils, Botanical Extracts & Essential Oils, are used at the correct & most effective % and are scientifically proven in their claims. 

I would love to try every single product (that's how gorgeous they are) and am especially intrigued by their IonActive Deep Cleansing Brush...for your face! As we know, cleansing really is the most important step in your beauty routine and this brush deep cleans, exfoliates, refines, helps blemishes, tones, lifts and removes makeup completely. It really just makes absolute sense!

You can purchase products as stand alones or in a kit of which there are 3 - for face, body and a masque kit.

For me, it's love!

'Til next time, Beautiful



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