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Our KINDNESS competition with incredible skincare & makeup prizes!

We have decided to have a competition all about KINDNESS...because there really is never enough of it! To qualify to win 1 of our incredible prizes (click through them below), you have to do a random act of kindness - whether for someone else or even be kind to yourself (because we so often aren't!). When you have, you need to tweet about it (see details of what you must say in our Rafflecopter giveaway). Always use #Iamkind. You can share your act of kindness if you would like to but you don't have to - we know if you say you have, you have!

Let's spread KINDNESS together!

You could win 1 of these incredible prizes:
- Skin Creamery Everyday Cream and Facial Cleansing Powder;
- 4 Tara & Jack Masks;
- Naturals Beauty Essential Collection Day cream, Night cream and Anti-ageing Serum;
- Philosophia Botanica Exfoliator and Skin Therapy Face Oil;
- Human+Kind Day+Night Cream and Body Oil; or
- Xtreme Lashes Length and Volume Mascara.

Enter now!

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  • #Iamkind donated books and clothing to the Hopsice Shop and to Animal Charity Store

    Cathy Badenhorst on
  • International Cupcake Day today so make 2 dozen pretty iced cupcakes and donated to local car guards and my nieighbours

    Daniela Cardoso on
  • #Iamkind i baked cake for my daughter’s friend for her birthday

    Nicole Naicker on
  • I feed more than 10 children with a hearty meal every day. To this I add a couple of fruits and a bottle of juice. This is the only meal some of these children get to eat, daily.

    Rumbarani Naidoo on
  • I try spread kindness in lots of ways but lately I’m also ensuring kindness to myself! So this has involved booking myself in for a massage on Friday as my whole back is stiff and sore.
    Belinda Mountain on

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