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Please note, I purchased the products mentioned below and this is not a sponsored post.

Over the past month I have been trying out fairly-new-on-our-site brand, Filorga. Skin care is, of course, such a personal thing but when I found out more about this brand and also saw the response from our customers, I wanted to see what I was missing.

Skin type: My skin is combination although the dry parts are extremely dry making it sensitive too. These products, however, are suitable for all skin.

The 4 products I have been testing are:

At night:
Sleep & Peel

In the morning:
Scrub & Peel Resurfacing Exfoliating Cream (once or twice a week)
Lift Designer Ultra Lift Serum

Lift Structure Ultra Lifting Cream

Sleep & Peel is to be used on its own, on clean skin, each night. Using Sleep & Peel and only Sleep & Peel had me quite alarmed initially. I hate waking up in the morning with skin that feels dry and dehydrated and I was concerned that this would happen but I'm pleased to say, my skin feels great and well nourished every morning. The Sleep & Peel doesn't actually make your skin peel but instead the results you feel in the long-term are as if you had had a peel.

It has a cocktail of 6 hydroxy-acids which I also thought might make my skin react a bit but I have not had any redness. I had slight tingling on my forehead but this is a sign that it is working and nothing to worry about. If you have extra sensitive skin, you can use it every alternate night if you prefer.

I can truthfully say that after nearly 4 weeks my skin is looking and feeling great - sensitivity is down, its looking nourished and overall I have a much healthier looking complexion. My skin also feels really soft! I am going to use this for another month and then take a month break and then do another two months and so on. I also enjoy that it's a very uncomplicated bedtime routine!

The Scrub & Peel Resurfacing Exfoliating Cream is perfect for sensitive skin too. I have to say though that as someone who harps on about the importance of exfoliating, my current trial skin products (listed above) have lessened my feeling of having to exfoliate my skin as much - I guess it is a sign that the Sleep & Peel is working.

The Ultra Lift Serum (have you noticed I've gone for a lot of lift?!) hydrates my skin but also dries quickly and I believe, assists with its sensitivity. It's very calming and perfect for under my daily cream.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid in the Ultra Lifting Cream are said to tighten and plump the skin. I have only been trying this cream for the last 7 days and putting it on makes my skin feel 'lifted'. It also feels very nourishing and importantly to me, goes well under my foundation (something I often battle to find!).

In the coming month  when I will take a break from the Lift & Peel, I will start the Sleep & Lift Ultra Lifting Night Cream which, if it is anything like the other Lift products, should be lovely to use too.

Overall: my skin is looking revived, healthy and nourished (despite long work hours and a lack of sleep). If you haven't yet, this is definitely a brand worth looking into. Another important note is that I found with each of these products, a little goes a long way.

Have you tried Filorga? Which products do you use and what difference have they made to your skin, if any?

Let us know!

Happy weekend,

P.s. we are having a special on Filorga's NCTF- Reverse Mat Supreme Multi-Correction Fluid - 50ml and Hydra Filler Mat Perfecting Moisturiser – 50ml


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