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My current favourites - what are yours?

I am often asked which products I use given that I have access to all of the beautiful brands on our store. It changes, of course, because I try as many as I can so that I have personal experience with them but obviously I can’t use all as I also have to consider my skin (dry and sensitive!) and hair (mostly normal). However, here are my current daily treats:

For cleansing, I’ve switched to using Neutriherb’s Activated Charcoal Soap and am loving it! It did take a change in thought as I’ve never been one for using soap on my face but it really cleanses (your skin feels squeaky clean) while leaving you feeling hydrated. None of that dry after soap feeling. It’s love.

For my serum (an important step), I am currently using Neutriherbs’ Hyaluronic Serum (I also frequently use Lamarie’s Bio-Restore Serum which is exquisite). It is ideal for 40+ skin.

After that it is time to moisturise and it may come as no surprise (because I frequently mention it!) that for that I use Lamarie’s Bio-Moist Cream which my (dry, sensitive!) skin adores.

I also exfoliate (vitally important!) at least twice a week and for this I use Naturals Beauty Essential Collection Face Exfoliator – it is gorgeous! My other favourite is  Human+Kind's incredible Cleansing and Exfoliating cloths - still an all-time best.

My all-time favourite body exfoliator is Caribbean Tan's Skin Smoothing Exfoliator - it is inexpensive, lasts a while and works like a charm!

As extras, I use my jade roller frequently (I must confess sometimes I’m a little forgetful with it because well, time, but after every use, I am amazed at how relaxing it is. And how my circulation improves dramatically.

I also, of course, use our Tara & Jack masks all the time because they really make a difference to my skin and give it the extra boost it needs. Life is busy (and let’s face it stressful at times) and our skin very often shows exactly what is going on in our life so a little boost goes a long way!

I’ve been using my Hemp/Silk Lavender Eye Pillow from Sleep Collective which really makes a difference to my sleep time! It not only blocks out the light, but “the flax seeds gently press the acupressure points on your face to enhance clarity and calmness. The soothing scent of lavender relaxes you and helps combat headaches and induce deep sleep.” It really works!

And lastly, I’ve been using Sally-Ann Creed’s collagen for 4 months now and can really feel the difference particularly in my hair and nails. I love getting feedback from our customers and find it funny how everyone has different changes happening at different times. One customer said her hair has stopped falling out (yay!) but there hasn’t yet been a change in her nails. My nails were the first thing that started showing signs of change by growing almost too fast. Others say they have lost weight and others sleep so much better. So many benefits to helping us feel stronger and healthier. I also take 2 teaspoons of Glutamine with my collagen - it's great for controlling my sweet tooth!

For my hair, I've been using INOAR's beautiful Kalicé Shampoo which my hair really loves. Then again, anything from this brand is heavenly.

What are your favourites? Tell us and you could win either a voucher or a surprise product!

‘Til next time, Beautiful!

P.s. make up will be another post but I can say I’ve been using Stila’s Illuminate for the past 2 weeks and it is fantastic!




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  • There is no way I can choose one product! The face masks will always be a fave and I’m obsessed with Inoar hair care now! And all the Skin Creamery goodies I’ve gotten from your store. Too much Rachel!!

    Simone Cameron on
  • The Hemp/Silk Lavender Eye Pillow looks like a winner. would love to try it!

    Petre Bestbier on
  • I’m so keen to try the activated charcoal soap – sounds amazing. I’ve also used the Sally-Anne Creed Collagen and it made a massive difference to my (really thin) hair!

    The hemp/silk lavender sleep pillow sounds like what I’ve been looking for my whole life haha! I also wanted to ask what you would recommend for under eye dark circles? Obviously more sleep would be ideal but I’m in the last two weeks of my medical degree so haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages and my skin is suffering the consequences!

    Kimantha on
  • So would love to try Neutriherbs’ Hyaluronic Serum or Lamarie’s Bio-Restore Serum…I have a skin SOS situation going on

    Brenda Fernandes on
  • I love the Hemp/Silk lavender eye pillow as my eyes are so tired.

    Thea Lennox on

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