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My (current) favourite dream products

I thought I would share my 6 current beauty product favourites - I chop and change with different products all the time (to make sure they're good enough for you, of course!) and these are my picks for today:

INOAR - every single product of this brand's different ranges is fabulous (there is an option for every hair type) but my current favourite is the Speed Blond Absolut Shampoo. I love, love it! It's Salt  & Sulphate free and moisturises my hair while leaving it looking healthy and strong. If you have blond/light hair, it's a must!

Naturals Beauty - this very well-priced range that offers something for everyone, including teenagers (how cool is that!), is selling like hot cakes on our store - and there is a reason...it does what it promises and their products are beautiful. My current (ongoing actually!) favourite is their Rooibos Vanilla Face Creme which is ideal for dry skin. But despite all the good it does, I am absolutely in love with the scent. I actually keep a jar in my car and always pop a little on (hands, wrist, wherever) before my destination and someone will, without fail, ask me what it is. Heaven on earth!

Lamarie - this brand is a newbie on our store but as I posted yesterday, I am already in love with it. As I have dry skin, I have been using their Bio-Series and the
Bio-Restore Serum is gorgeous! I am a huge serum fan so like to think I know what I'm talking about and can definitely vouch for this one. It has gold flecks in it too which makes it such fun and it feels beyond luxurious. My skin radiates after applying it.

Tara & Jack's Anti-Wrinkle Mask - alright, alright, it's my very own range so you would think it is a favourite but I (almost) love them all equally; however, at the moment, this one is doing the trick for me. Besides the gorgeous scent (I'm all about scents this week!) it really does help my skin to feel glorious and nourished. Because I'm stressed at the moment (the end of year exhaustion so many of us are feeling), it's been a real boost and I love it. Sorry, but I honestly do!

Xtreme Lashes doesn't get enough attention, in my opinion - I have extremely sensitive eyes so finding a great mascara is something I have some experience in and I have to say, their Length & Volume Mascara is it. I have worn it running (no, no, I don't put it on to run, silly, but sometimes I'll run at the end of the day after having applied it in the morning) and it doesn't run (haha, pun intended) or smudge and looks perfect throughout. However, it is also so easy to remove and very gentle on my lashes. I won't be without it now. I know it is pricey but mine really lasts and well, in my opinion, it is worth every cent.

And while we are talking more pricey products, this post would be remiss without a mention of Philosophia Botanica's incredible face oils. They are more expensive than most of the other oils on our store but they are perfection. They're an investment (long-lasting I might add as you need such a little that they last forever) that is well worth it too. Your skin will thank you! Did I mention that they're perfection?

And that's it for now. Don't forget we're running a special on our MUD Collections - they make the perfect gifts (although I'm all for putting them in your basket to treat yourself!).

'Till next time, Beautiful!

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