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Looking for a NATURAL teeth whitener? It's a giveaway!

Everyone wants whiter, brighter teeth and a way to get rid of coffee and other stains - which is why we're so excited to sell a natural solution!

CHARWHITE is an all natural teeth whitener that brightens and polishes your teeth, remineralizes and strengthens the enamel, and gives your mouth a thorough detox. It is made in Germany with high quality ingredients only and safe for everyday use so you can enjoy it as often as you like.

I must say, I love trying new things (one of the many perks of having this store!) and when I was given this interesting product to try, I couldn't wait. I have a strong dislike for the dentist - I mean, mine is a nice guy an' all but not someone I want to see frequently, so anything I can do to prevent it, I'll do.

CHARWHITE is fun too because it is quite something to get used to....besides black teeth while you're cleaning them, it can be verrrrry messy. Despite the warning I still messed a bit but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. And so worth it.

The instructions are simple and clear and your teeth will thank you for it. So here's to many more smiles with gleaming clean and healthy teeth!

We're giving away CHARWHITE to 3 readers of our blog. Using our comment section below, (a) name 1 ingredient in CHARWHITE (see here) and then (b) tell us something interesting, funny or serious about your dentist! Do you love or hate him/her? Winners will be announced here. Ends Friday 3 November. CONGRATULATIONS to our 3 winners: Lynette Strydom · Kwazi Manqela · Emma Follett

For more about CHARWHITE, click here.

'Til next time, Beautiful!


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  • Organic sweet orange peel,my dentist is kind ,caring gives me the right decision about dental care ,he’s the real deal.

    Nicole Naicker on
  • AMAZING GIVEAWAY? .im a smokers ..nd this would be performed to.get rid of those tar stains.. fingers x. I.need a brighter ..WHITER SMILE???

    Ruwayda on
  • Bentonite Clay
    My dentist has a very verocious beard and it creeps out of his mask… I just have to keep myself together… but inside I’m crying ?. He also talks with a lisp. He’s got extremely white teeth…
    My previous dentist used to love sweets… but he’s a banter now… AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Thanks

    Beatie Vermeulen on
  • Organic sweet orange peel . My dentist wears these little while gloves that look like she’s always about to play golf in my mouth!

    Jaide on
  • Organic peppermint. My dentist has a weird habit of asking me questions while his hands and tools are in my mouth. So I kinda gargle " arrhggg muugggrr" and he just nods as if he understands this dentist jargon and says “I know”

    Karen dunlop on

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