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Going full circle

By now most of you know we are running a KINDNESS competition that we really hope will spread more kindness everywhere. Having said that, the amount of comments and private messages we have received of people sharing their kind acts is incredible and what really has impressed me, is most of these acts are not for the competition specifically but things that you wonderful people are doing on an ongoing basis.

Kindness really goes full circle when it comes to our store as it is, of course, about doing kind acts but it is also about being kind to yourself. Humans judge others so easily but I've found that most of us are our own harshest critics too. Kindness also means looking after ourselves whether it means sleeping in, relaxing, meditating and even looking after your skin (here's the circle I mentioned!). Considering your skincare and choosing the right products to help your skin are a form of kindness in itself.

We are really proud to offer incredible brands and our prizes for our competition are fabulous. Skin Creamery, Tara and Jack, Philosophia Botanica, Naturals Beauty, Xtreme Lashes and Human+Kind are all brands that are not only kind to your skin (and more!) but they do business with kindness too - something we adore!

It is going to be interesting to hear all the KINDNESS stories that are shared this month - hopefully it will be a month of excessive kindness and then the exciting announcement of our 6 winners. We wish you all luck and thank you for being a part of our initiative.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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