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REVIEW: Is this Italian Sublime Skin Rich Cream worth it?

My skin is very dry and needs lots of pampering especially now that winter is here. My old faithful Care & Repair PLUS definitely does the trick but seeing as we sell an extensive range of beautiful products, I’m having fun testing them all! We also try to offer something for everyone as, of course, we all like different things.

For example, I weirdly do not like the feeling of cream on my face all day – it has to absorb well otherwise it bothers me. But to be tricky, I like it to feel luxurious when applying it. It must feel thick and rich. For me, cream also needs to do well under foundation.

Apart from my obvious love for South African products, I’m also a huge French fan. I love everything about France but recently came across an Italian range called [comfort zone] that we’ve added to the store. Now, let’s be honest, the Italians have a beautiful way of doing things too so I have been dying to test these products. This past week I started with the Sublime Skin Rich Cream which together with their Sublime Skin Serum is the most expensive in their range at R1,320 for 60ml. Given that my Care & Repair PLUS is R290 for 50ml, this is quite a jump so I needed to see if it was worth it. They also offer less expensive creams and oils so this is the top of their range.

This cream promises to plump and nourish and the first night I put it on, my skin did seem to be visibly plumped! While it isn’t as rich and creamy to put on as Care & Repair PLUS (in fairness, Care & Repair PLUS is very creamy!), I have to say a little goes a very long way which is good considering the price. If I was to continue using it, I believe my jar would last a lot longer than my Care & Repair PLUS so if you’re a fan of the product, it won’t cost that much if you consider the long run. It also absorbs beautifully. The next morning my skin felt great and it worked perfectly under my foundation.

I am on day 5 and so far so good. I am also someone who shows my stress in my face and this week has been particularly rough so it’s a compliment to this cream that my skin looks healthy and nourished. And that it feels it too. Because isn’t that half the battle…we need to feel gorgeous, not just look it.

‘Til next time, Beautiful!

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