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In awe of INOAR

No matter how beautifully you are dressed or how good your skin is looking, if your hair isn't right, you just don't feel right, agree? Having a bad hair day is the worst so we are really thrilled to now sell award-winning INOAR as we know you will love their different ranges, if you don't already!

With something for everyone, from curls, to dry hair, to needing volume, treatment for blonds, or even a hair detox, INOAR has it! Too many to mention here but if you need it, they have it. In fact, on top of salt & sulphate free options, they even have a Vegan range!

And, aside from their shampoo and conditioner options, they also have gorgeous treatment masks and ampoules
and 3 minute shock treatments.

And if you're looking for a spectacular treat for face and body, their award winning Kálice Oil for Hair, Face & Body is heaven sent! 

This multi-functional oil has 7 Precious vegetable oils for hair, face and body and can be used daily.

You can even use it as a moisturising Make-up remover. Just apply a drop to your cleanser or to cotton wool and wipe your face. Clean and moisturised!

AND don't forget, until 15 October, we are offering 15% off all purchases (when checking out, use code: I deserve it!) and FREE delivery.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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