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Your skin and genetics

I had a great conversation with a beautiful friend of mine this morning about skin products and if they really do make a difference. Some people say that all we need is 'soap and water' and it got me thinking. I personally disagree for a variety of reasons, mostly that I know normal soap wouldn't help my dry, sensitive skin and I definitely need extra nourishment. However, for some, of course it is perfectly fine. To me, therefore, it is all about what works for you. And what works for some, isn't going to work for others.

And then there's the debate about whether we need to buy expensive products as they could potentially be 'better' than the less expensive ones.

I firmly believe that the greatest role in whether you have great skin or not is all up to your genes. I have dry skin. I have fair skin that is prone to freckle. That, my friends, is genetics (and something I have to confess I have cursed haha). Having said that, I do, however, believe that using the right skincare products for you, can make a difference. I know that when I nourish my skin and take extra care of it (aren't I fortunate to have such great brands at my disposal!), it looks better and is less sensitive. When I neglect it (as I sometimes do even with these great brands on hand!), it looks dry and there is no doubt that I generally look tired, like my skin.

It's the same with hair - I have fine hair and if I don't use the right products to suit it, I can see the difference. It's not about the cheapest or most expensive products - it's about what works for you!

And that leads me to another point - some brands might not work for you but that doesn't mean they aren't good brands. They're just not products that help you or make a difference to your skin or hair. I've tested brands that people adore and haven't seen a difference. I certainly don't think they're 'bad' - they're just not for me and I guess we can't all love everything or find it effective. Anyway, that would just be boring!

Some brands are definitely more expensive due to their packaging. I don't take offense to this because often the experience of opening a beautifully packaged creme or serum is all a part of making you feel beautiful and if you can afford it, why not? Having said that, I agree that price doesn't necessarily play a role in how good the product is but I do believe it's all a personal choice. Sometimes I love the experience of opening a beautifully packaged creme - other times I just don't care because what I have works.

I also believe in every brand on our store no matter their pricing. And I'm proud to sell each and every one of them.

At the end of the day, I've always said it is all about how you FEEL when using your skin or hair products. Because you can use the best or cheapest of anything but if you don't FEEL beautiful, it won't matter.

Here's to us all FEELING beautiful, always!

P.s. talking about beautifully packaged products, I was blessed to receive some of the Nikel range yesterday...so gorgeous! I'll be blogging about it soon including how this genetically dry skin of mine reacts to it.

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  • Hi Rachelle,

    Love the blog post. I couldn’t agree more with you. Its about finding what works for you, your lifestyle and your own individual needs. Whilst genetics certainly plays a role in how you age and what skin type you’re gifted with, that’s not to say that you can’t do everything you can to treat, protect and even rectify what may be viewed sometimes as ‘a curse’ whether that’s oiliness,dryness, combination of both and even sensitivity. I believe you have to accept what nature and genetics gave you, work with it and lovingly take care of it.

    We are all so different and that is what makes us beautiful and unique – our skincare should be the same whether its high-end or low-end products but like you say, at the end of the day – ‘its how you feel’ about yourself and that’s what counts !

    Thanks for another great blog post !! xx

    Nadia on

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