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Finding what works for you

Buying skin and hair care products is, of course, very personal but generally if a brand is reputable and does what it promises, you can't go wrong. We love being able to recommend the products on our store knowing that their reputation speaks for themselves. And one such creme is our very own (yes, it is under our brand), Care & Repair PLUS.

While I know it is ours and therefore we should only say good things about it, we can with a very clear conscience recommend this incredible natural creme that does exactly what it promises. It has so many uses (eczema, bites, scarring, pigmentation, after shaving, healing, the list goes on) but even as simply a day and night cream, it works! It absorbs beautifully and make up glides on afterwards.
It also adapts to your own skin type so no matter what (dry, oily, combination, you name it!) it will work for you. And the longer you use it, the more it works. Unlike some cremes that eventually don't seem to be doing anything, this one continues.

I regularly have skin cancer treatment having neglected my skin in my youth (and growing up in a time when Baby Oil was an ideal sun partner! Makes me cringe now) and nothing calms and heals my skin afterwards like Care & Repair PLUS does. I am usually left with not one blemish in sight. Even my doctor has been impressed.

So, without blowing our own trumpet too much, if you are looking for a cream that works for the whole family (great for teenagers with acne, for men after shaving etc.) we can wholeheartedly recommend this one! And if you need referrals, we have loads of them.

R325 for 50g

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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  • I first came across Care & Repair Plus Crème when I was suffering with eczema on my face and did not want to use cortisone cream. A friend suggested I try it and it gave me instant relief as it is very soothing and slowly cleared the eczema with daily use. It is 100% natural, so takes a bit longer to work than cortisone. I loved it so much on my face that I now use it as a moisturizer.

    Natasha Fernandes on
  • I can vouch for this amazing cream. It is all I use now and my skin has never been better.

    Cheryl on

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