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Away with those dead cells!

I've never appreciated the value of exfoliating (and, to be honest, never thought I'd be blogging about it) until the last few years where I've really seen the benefit of this extra skincare step. A great exfoliator can make all the difference to your skin - it makes absolute sense...you are effectively removing dead cells from the skin's surface, making way for fresh looking skin and letting product absorb better. My skin looks so much healthier when I exfoliate and I also tell myself it is removing my wrinkles too. Please don't burst my bubble.

Instead, let's talk brands. Specifically for faces. Philosophia Botanica is an incredible brand - their products and ethos are superb and while in a higher price bracket that some of our other ranges, their products last (value for money!) and truly make a difference.

Their Exfoliator is a 100% natural way to beautify your skin and specially formulated to tighten it, remove dead cells, impurities, and unclog pores, improving the circulation of blood and lymph while enhancing the detoxification process and best of all reversing the effects of aging (although does not remove wrinkles in their entirety. Sob). Simply put though, it's sublime and worth every penny.

I've gone on so much about Human+Kind's Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloth that I'm sure you all know it by now (and have it on your shopping list? Your Wishlist? Or as our store calls it, your Dream List?). It is a wonderful way of making sure you remove dead cells daily. The Cloth comes in a pack of 2 and is machine washable so long-lasting!

If you're looking for a beautiful, well-priced face Exfoliator,  Naturals Beauty has it in their Essential Collection range. It gently removes dry skin cells leaving your skin refreshed and moisturized while improving skin elasticity. Sounds ideal to me!

And then ah, we've come to our beautiful Italian range, Comfort Zone... their Essential Scrub reawakens skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth. And, it's Italian, need I say more? No? Well, I will just add this - it might be a little pricier (it's Italian!) but it lasts as you only need to use it once or twice a week. It is also perfect for sensitive skins. I will stop now.

Look after those skins.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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