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Black Friday...we plan to do our bit!

As everyone interested in shopping (isn't that everyone?!) knows, Black Friday is on its way. We love, love that it gives customers a chance to buy items they adore at bargain prices but I'm not going to lie, it is tough for us small guys as selling at the % prices some large retailers are, would mean we would make a loss (not break-even, a loss).

In addition, as we (The Beautiful Store) offer FREE shipping all year around, we already take a constant knock that not even the larger retailers take (I was horrified the other day to spend R2k+ at Mr Price Home and still have to pay shipping).

But because we want to do what we can, here is our plan:

From tomorrow onwards, we will be announcing a new discount or special every day until Tuesday next week - that's 7 days of potential bargains!

Follow us on social media or sign up on our store (for those who haven't yet) so that you receive our daily specials. Normally we don't email too often but this is different!

We wish we could offer even greater discounts but please know that we will do the best we can to offer beautiful products at the best prices possible. We firmly believe in our beautiful customers (I actually don't like the word 'customer' because most of you are now like our friends!) and if we can spoil you a little, we will!

'Til next time, Beautiful!

P.s. everyone who purchases off our store in the next week will automatically be entered into our SuperDuperHamper competition -  with a value of over R2,000, it really is a hamper worth having!

Please note that due to the current sales we are offering, delivery times might be slower.

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