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Be gone wrinkles, be gone!

I have been using Naturals Beauty's Wrinkle Banisher (such a great name!) for a week now and can honestly say I'm loving it! As someone who has mostly dry skin, I need all the nourishment I can get and there are a few things I love about this beautiful oil:

The scent is heavenly - often natural products don't have a beautiful smell too but this one is gorgeous with it's orange aroma. However, it is not overpowering and once applied, I can't really smell it which is perfect (I am also very sensitive being a hayfever sufferer but this did nothing to irritate).

It absorbs really well - so being a bit odd, I love adding oils to my routine but don't like the feeling of heavy oil on my face or having it not absorb. While it is important to exfoliate (you do right?) often so that products have a better absorbency rate, I find that this oil disappears beautifully into my skin.

It is softening and moisturizing - exactly what it promises to do. I can definitely see a difference in the morning and especially around my lip area. We so often focus on our eye area etc. but don't forget our (upper) lips need attention too.

At R75 and free delivery, you really can't go wrong with adding this gorgeous oil to your daily routine. It says to use at night but I've loved it so much, I've been using it in the morning too. And a little goes a long way! Treat yourself, you'll love it.

'Til next time Beautiful!


P.s. we'll be reviewing Naturals Beauty Mature Skincare - Avocado Night Treatment next - ideal for dry skin too and adding collagen...watch this space!



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  • Girls! I’ve recently found this range and LOVE it!! I use the Essential Collection – awesome! I like having a day and night cream and their pricing is also affordable.

    mandy on
  • I haven’t recently started using the Mature Skin range and it is lovely – I haven’t tried the Avo treatment though so looking forward to seeing your next review. Thanks for sharing.

    Carole on
  • Ooh this is next on my list! Also want to try their day cream.

    Tanya on
  • I started using this last month and can definitely see a difference. I have combination skin and it works well on it too. Love the smell!

    Sarah on

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