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An ideal skin treatment

Naturals Beauty has impressed me and our customers so much that I was very excited to try their Avocado Night Treatment to see what difference it would make on my skin.

I have to start off by saying that this is a "Treatment" and is extremely rich so not necessarily ideal for skin other than dry, very dry or mature. I have combination skin and even though it didn't affect my more oily t-panel (I used it all over my face on the 1st night), I have now only been using it on the dry areas, as well as on my neck as I've started to see a hint of pigmentation there too (the joys of getting older!) and this Treatment is recommended for pigmentation and sun damage - something I have the effects of.

You need such a small amount of product as it really goes a long way. The 1st time I used it I got a little carried away (I was excited about it, okay!) and ended up with way too much on. Now I take the smallest amount which spreads easily and, of course, absorbs better.

My dry skin areas are loving it! In fact, I've seen a wonderful difference in a few days and this was just what I needed. Having said that, it is also an option to only use it once or twice a week (literally as a treatment) when your skin needs a little more help. As Naturals Beauty explained to me, you will know by how it absorbs as to how much/often your skin needs it.

I have also (in this short time!) seen a difference in the pigmentation trying to make its home on my neck. It is already definitely lighter and I'm hoping will soon see it is very unwelcome and leave!

I highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin, more mature and/or needing a little extra help during winter. At R75 (and FREE delivery) it is affordable, particularly as a little goes a long way!

'Till next time, Beautiful!

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  • l suffer from extremely dry skin and l am so thrilled with the results after using Avocado Night Treatment. lt leaves my skin smooth and soft.

    Judy Padayachee on
  • Amazing product that worked wonders on my skin. l love it and highly recommend it.

    Judy Padayachee on
  • Def going to try it …good price too
    Shaheeda Loofer on
  • I never knew about this range before but love it all…this product is perfect for my skin. Next up I’m getting the Wrinkle Banisher.

    Cara on
  • I’m definitely going to try this. Have been really happy with all my products from The Beautiful Store and the fantastic service!

    Jean-Elize on

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